Support Cottage Country Hospital Care: Parry Sound Ride

Set a Goal,
Do Your Best,
Keep Hospital Care Local.

You love to ride. You love to push yourself. You need to know hospital care is there when you need it. Ride with us and be the difference.

Ride with us until August 31. Become part of PSRide with your own goal setting page. Set your kilometre goal. Set your Funraising goal. It’s not about one of us, it’s about all of us together. Riding to be the difference for our bodies, our minds and our local hospital.

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PSRide: Be part of a ride bigger than yourself.

Your Goal can Achieve Wonders

Ride farther, faster, longer than ever before.

Only One Way to Ride

And, that’s your way. Ride your favourite roads and trails. Sign up anytime between now and the end of August. But whatever you do, keep track and ride like the wind!

Tracking is Easy

Track your rides with Strava, Fitbit, or manually enter your details. Keep track and share your glory, maybe even request your friends and family to applaud your efforts with donations to our cause.

Make a Difference
with Your Impact

Achieve your goal and help buy the highest need in equipment at the Health Centre. Currently the 15 year-old $1.6 million 4 unit x-ray system (all used daily) will no longer be serviceable as of December 2020. 2 mobile replacement x-rays costing $200,000 each are needed. Donations have been received for 1. PSRide will help buy the other.

How it works


Sign up and set your distance and FUNraising goals.


Tell everyone that you’re leaving your limits behind and ask for their support for our cottage hospital.


Track your kilometres and challenge yourself through the summer.

  • Adams Family just donated $105
  • Elizabeth Weeks just donated $200
  • Vladimir Labath just donated $105
  • Janet Looker and Tony Lundy just donated $1,000
  • Anonymous just donated $26.25
  • Lee Ann just donated $52.50
  • Lee Ann Sohm just donated $50
  • Larry Lundy & Elizabeth Julian just donated $525
  • Nancy Cohen & Stephen Goldhar just donated $262.50
  • Martin Cooper just donated $78.75
  • Anonymous just donated $26.25
  • Shelley Jackson just donated $52.50
  • Mark Hukezalie just donated $52.50
  • Lee Ann just donated $105
  • Michele Wake just donated $52.50
  • Amy Harkness just donated $105
  • Connor Mangan just donated $105
  • Andy Kurelek just donated $25,000
  • Guild Electric Ltd. just donated $1,250
  • Frank Mersch just donated $52.50

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When can I ride?

Whenever you fancy. Ride like the wind. Do as you please. Sign up any time before August 31 to track your rides and blow past your goal.

What am I fundraising for?

This year, we are helping to replace the 15-year-old x-ray units in Medical Imaging. The total cost is $1.6 million. With a $100,000 matching gift from Lori and John McAuley of Muskoka Woods, funding for 1 replacement mobile x-ray unit is near completion. To replace the 3 remaining units, $1.4 million in x-ray funding is needed prior to December 2020 when all 4 units are deemed out of service by the supplier.

Since 2010, donors to the Foundation have bought all the major equipment – replacement or new. We encourage everyone who can, to support purchasing local medical equipment by riding like the wind!

Is there a minimum needed to participate?

None. Set a goal. Go for it. Even, blow past it. When you set a personal distance goal and a donation is received, our tracking will divide your goal by the donation amount and share how much per kilometre you just FUNraised!

Be The Difference

In normal times, and these aren’t normal, government funding to the West Parry Sound Health Centre barely covers 65% of the Hospital’s annual operating costs. Foundation Donors buy all the major equipment while medical leases, contracts, parking and other services complete the remaining operational funding. With parking revenues seriously diminished since mid-March with a no visitors no elective surgery policy, reduced revenues from clinics and other contracts, our Health Centre is financially bleeding. Hospital finances are in dire straits.

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